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Looking to Grow your Manufacturing Business?

I've helped 100s of entrepreneurs to make profit from their manufacturing business and I'm here for you.

Choose any of the courses Below:

The Profitable Manufacturer

The Profitable Manufacturer empowers you with the knowledge, tools and insider-information to run your own manufacturing business profitably such that the business can outlive you

This course is packed with everything you need to know about running a successful manufacturing business - specially built for entrepreneurs who are determined to get it right from the start.

Distribution & Product Visibility

A mini-course for smart manufacturers who are tired of producing without meaningful sales. Get insights on signing up distributors and strategies to build a loyal following and demand for your products.

This course is designed to move your products from factory to top shelves, corporate organisations and final consumers - because that's the only way you make money.

What other Profitable Manufacturers Think:

More Than 100% Output Increase

I started implementing all I learnt from the Class almost immediately. 'Had a heart to heart discussion with my production team and redesigned our production processes. Today, we have increased our daily output by more than 100% without adding extra equipment and increased efficiency by reducing waste in energy and time. This course was a good investment. We are more profitable. Our neighboring competitors are wondering what could be our source of information

Nzube Ezeji
Furniture Manufacturer

Best Investment I Made

This is the best investment I made before starting my business. I learnt about maximizing my production capacity, product costing, distribution and the different tricks to play in the market to secure good sales. The challenges I face now are the challenges that bola told us we will face and I’m glad she armed us with the necessary tool to handle all these challenges. I recommend this class to anyone who desires to be profitable. I am doing it the profitable way, thank you Bola! You rock!”

Elvina Obida
CEO of Njoy Foods