Distribution and Product Visibility Course

For smart manufacturers who are tired of producing without meaningful sales

A product is not a Product until it is sold

Nothing hurts a manufacturer like watching your products sleep in the warehouse for weeks and months without recording reasonable sales, even after doing all the needful to achieve production targets. 

Or worse, signing up distributors only for the products not to sell - that's like relocating your products from your warehouse to another warehouse. No sales means you have zero % chance for a repeat purchase. It's mentally draining and emotionally stressful; let's not even talk about the hole it drills in your bank account.

I know because I have been there!

I've been a manufacturer for 12+ years and though my product brands currently have prominent presence in all 36 states of Nigeria, but it wasn't always that way. I know what it's like to wish and hope for the day when your product will become a household name and the number #1 choice sitting on supermarket shelves nationwide.

After years of trying various methods and months of doing it the wrong way, today my products are in-demand nation wide and currently have distributor requests from other parts of Africa.

>> Loyal distributors who are willing to go the extra mile to sell our products

>> In-demand products stocked by supermarkets and corporate organisations

>> Effective promotions without going on TV and Radio

You can do it too, and I can help

What do you do when your products are sleeping in warehouses and stores without recording sales? You don't need more production targets and factory optimization. You need insight on signing up distributors and strategies to build a loyal following and demand for the products.

This Course is designed to  move your products from factory to Customer's hands - because that's the only way you make money

"Bola armed us with the necessary tool..."

I learnt about distribution and the different tricks to play in the market to secure good sales. The challenges I face now are the challenges that Bola told us we will face and I’m glad she armed us with the necessary tool to handle all these challenges. I recommend this class to anyone

- Elvina Obida 
(Njoy Foods)

You'll be armed with the tools & knowledge you need to win in the market - from signing up the right distributors to making competition and price wars work in your favor.

What's In the Course?

  • MODULE 1: Positioning for Distribution

>> Connect with your ideal consumer
>> Industry insights on how to sign up Distributors
>> Distributorship Contract: what your agreement should entail.
>> Exact reward system to implement for Distributors and Sales team

  • MODULE 2: Product Awareness

>> Market Gimmicks to ensure visibility and guarantee sales.
>> Strategies to foster loyalty for your products
>> Effective promotions without going on TV and Radio

>> Value chain monitoring and Incentives to ensure a win-win situation

  • MODULE 3: Sales/Competition

>> Handling Price Wars using real life case studies.
>> The sales strategies employed by industry giants
>> Building a profitable sales team

>> Making competition work in your favor 

"Bola laid it all bare..."

Bola laid it all bare, the ups and downs, the tricks and strategy to apply in difficult situations. I’m so happy I signed up for this course. Worth the investment. Thank you Bola

- Cherish 

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“I know what it's like to wish and hope for the day when your product will become a household name and created this mini-course to help you get there faster"

This is the missing piece

You have invested a lot in your facility, machines, and staff, but the difference between throwing money away and making returns on your investments is knowledge, good advice and guidance. This is the missing puzzle piece for most manufacturers.

This course is not about theories you can't apply. It's loaded with practical strategies, real-life case studies and industry hacks curated from 12+ years of manufacturing experience.

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"I'm in awe of how open Bola was"

"I’m amazed at how much the course covered and particularly in awe of how open Bola was during the course, sharing real life experiences and making it relatable to our business. This course is worth every penny. Thank you Bola."

- Jumoke 
(The Health Place Abuja)


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