Discover How to to turn your Idea into a profitable business!

PROFIT is a treasure trove of lessons and valuable experiences to help you design and improve your business processes and relationships in a way that increases profitability.

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  • Globally relevant, and locally applicable business gems
  • Stories & Lessons from successful indegenous entrepreneurs
  • Thoughtful gift for your friends and clients


By ordering this book, you are off to a good start and giving your business an edge for the new decade.

“Many businesses are not growing because the owners don’t want them to grow. We need to disrupt our own thinking and confront the small mindset that is working against us”

- Profit by Bola Adefila

“Succession planning is not an event, it is a journey. Your company is not a gift to leave for your child”

- Profit by Bola Adefila


What’s Inside the Book?

Refreshingly Practical

From topics like where to get capital, to hiring, marketing, and succession planning, Profit gives a refreshingly practical look at what it really takes to build a business.
Learn how to slay internal giants like employee theft and external giants like inconsistent policies. This is the business book you have been looking for.

How they did it

Learn how to design your business to sail through minefields and scale through hurdles of policy inconsistencies and economic uncertainties.
Dig into the stories shared by entrepreneurs like Mrs Ibukun Awosika of Chair Centre and Mr Sheyin Shekari of Farm Fresh so that you can adopt their principles and customize their methods to your specific situation.

Executable Worksheets

Theory doesn't build businesses, execution does. The worksheets and examples in Profit help you execute effortlessly. When businesses are profitable, people are empowered, children are cared for, and economies prosper. It is in our collective best interest that your business is profitable, and PROFIT shows you how.

About the Author

Adebola Adefila

Bola Adefila is the Chief Operating Officer of Banrut Rolls Nigeria Ltd and Founder of the Profiting Hub Ltd where she helps manufacturers build profitable businesses. She is also the Creative Director of Ire Dire, a fashion brand for modern women.
Her expertise cuts across Business Development, Marketing and Operations. She has worked in the private sector in different capacities as Business Manager, Marketing Manager, Group Operations Manager and General Manager.
She holds a Bsc. (Hons) in Business Administration from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and MBA from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK and a certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from the Pan African University, Lagos. She is also an associate member of WIMBIZ (Women in Management, Business and public service).
When she's not working at her factory, speaking at events or helping manufacturers solve business problems, she's enjoying family time with her husband and lovely daughters

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