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Profitable Manufacturer

Are You Ready to:

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    Go from barely breaking-even to constant Profit in your manufacturing business?
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    Tap into 18 years worth of business & manufacturing lessons from building a global manufacturing brand?
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    Go from low-key manufacturer to become a Household name?

You're Lionhearted; You've started your business. You're proud of yourself for daring the adventure. But there's just one Problem...

You don't seem to be making any headway. Month upon month, you inject funds from your other income sources but you can't say that you're making profit.

Unfortunately, all the business masterclasses and courses you've seen don't fit your situation because they're not targeted at your type of business. They don't talk about things like how to win over distributors or set up your production floor.

I Totally GET It.

I GET You. Running a manufacturing business requires commitment, tenacity, courage and undiluted attention. You're dealing with production, marketing, middlemen, regulators, etc.  all while ensuring solid quality. You don't have time for another course telling you to "find your why"

That's why I created this course. I've been a manufacturer for 12+ years and my product brands have prominent presence in all 36 states of Nigeria.

“The Profitable Manufacturer empowers you with the knowledge, tools and insider-information to run your own manufacturing business profitably such that the business can outlive you”

The Profitable Manufacturer is for you if you want to move from:


Passion to Profit

You love to be in the manufacturing business and you can tell that you'll do well but you're confused about what product to start with.


Idea to Profit

You have great ideas for how to scale your business, but when it's time to compute your numbers, you don't really know what you're doing.

Revenue to Bigger Profit

You want to scale up present processes, sign up distributors, position your products for visibility and look very attractive to Banks.


"Bola laid it all bare..."

One thing I can say about this course, is that it’s a no holds barred kind of course. Bola laid it all bare, the ups and downs, the tricks and strategy to apply in difficult situations. I’m so happy I signed up for this course. Worth the investment. Thank you Bola

- Cherish (Cherishmehair)

This Course was specially built for entrepreneurs who are determined to get it right from the start.

As challenging as manufacturing can be, it's also very rewarding if done right. Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly how to predict and ensure profitability in your Manufacturing Business?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Here's what you'll learn in this course:


Module ONE

By the end of this module, you'll have a good foundation to set up a profitable business:

  • Clarity on your manufacturing ideas
  • The profitable way to source for machines and materials
  • Identify and connect with your ideal customers
  • Requirements of various regulatory agencies
  • Sourcing for funds and business registration

Module TWO

By the end of this module, you'll be armed and ready to make the best use of your production processes:

  • Set up your production floor for profit
  • Maximize your output, machines capacity and production schedule
  • The best method for machine maintenance ​
  • Determine how to depreciate your machines based on your peculiar situation
  • The better way to make production reports

Module THREE

By the end of this module, you'll be able to determine if your business is really profitable:

  • Different costing techniques that suit your type of business
  • Determine your cost, apportion mark ups, and apply margins for profitability
  • Calculate depreciation, overheads, and control expenses
  • Effective Costing examples and case studies

Module FOUR

By the end of this module, you can effectively arm your marketing team with the tools & knowledge they need to win in the market:

  • Techniques to sign up distributors & win distributor loyalty
  • Incentives to create win-win for distributors and sales reps
  • Distributor and value chain monitoring
  • Effective promotions without going on TV and Radio
  • Get your products in supermarkets and corporates
  • The 411 on dealing with competition
  • How to use price wars to your advantage

Module FIVE

By the end of this module, you'll successfully align human capital with your company's vision:

  • The exact number of staff you need for your business
  • Categorize staff based on their work schedule 
  • Determining wages and salary  
  • Hiring and retaining resourceful people

"No holds barred practical immersion"

This class was a hands-on no holds barred practical immersion. Is it the production report, or the waste management options or the packaging options or machine sourcing? Bola I doff my hat for coming up with this idea. It’s a rare one. Thank you

- Bimbo (Limlim dried fruits)


"More than 100% increase in daily output"

I started implementing all I learnt from the Live Class almost immediately after the class. 'Had a heart to heart discussion with my production team and redesigned our processes so that we can optimize our capacity. Today, we have increased our daily output by more than 100% without adding extra equipment and are more efficient by reducing waste in energy and time. This course was a good investment

- Nzube Ezeji 


"This Course was worth the Hype and more"

I was skeptical about signing up for this course because of the hype about different courses on social media but I must say, it was worth every penny and my time. I learnt a lot and my business is better for it. I have been equipped with knowledge of my cost of production, production reports, techniques to apply during low seasons in sales, signing up distributors and many more. I also had the opportunity to interact with other great minds. Thank you for coming up with this course

- Abisola Olanihun 

What You'll Get...

  • 5 core modules
  • 20+ Video Lessons
  • Worksheets and Formula Guides
  • Private Group For Accountability &  Feedback
  • Lifetime Access to Lessons and Course Updates


There are 5 core modules in the course. You'll receive one module every fortnight. Each module contains 3-5 video lessons with work sheets (assignments) to help you integrate and apply what you learn to your business. You also get 2 weeks of implementation at the mid and end points of the course, where no new module or lesson is released. This is to help you internalize and catch up on the course.


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"I was incurring unnecessary costs!"

"It’s one thing to manufacture products and another thing to be a profitable manufacturer. During the course I realized I wasn’t maximizing my production capacity and was incurring unnecessary costs. Bola gave us a guide of what our production report should look like and it’s been so helpful. I’m glad I signed up for the course.

- Zuwaira (Amal Botanicals)


"I'm in awe of how open Bola was"

"I’m so amazed at how much the course covered. Every aspect of manufacturing was discussed. I'm particularly in awe of how open Bola was during the course, sharing real life experiences and making it relatable to our business. This course is worth every penny. Thank you Bola."

- Jumoke (The Health Place Abuja)

"Coming back for a double dose"

"Bola poured her years of experience and wealth of knowledge on us. I learnt how to compute my numbers, optimize production, and so many other aspects of my production business. Thank you so much Bola, my business is better because of your course. I’m definitely signing up for the live class to get a double dose."

- Grace Okoli  (Shanyi Organics)

It's all about building a business Legacy

Running a profitable manufacturing business demands consistency and your ability to stay in the game for the long haul. That's why my primary goal is to equip you with the knowledge to run your own manufacturing business profitably such that the business can outlive you

Formal business education & certifications are good for perspective but hands-on experience embellishes the reality. There are survival skills you need to build on and can only learn from real business people, not case studies. The Profitable Manufacturer online course equips you with practical skills that will channel your drive in the midst of complexities of the Nigerian manufacturing space and beyond.

Enroll in The Profitable Manufacturer today to start building your legacy


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