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The Profitable Manufacturer 
Live Class

Are you in the Business of turning Raw Materials into Finished Products?

With 10+ hours of training, 5 modules and expert sessions, TPM Live is your much needed crash MBA, complete with training, Q&A, networking, specialty sections spanning production, operations, distribution, product sourcing, and more.

"When your Roots are deep, there's no fear of the Wind"

Deepening your root is being knowledgeable about the industry you're in or you're venturing into.
It's also anticipating the challenges that may come and creating structures that help with control, checks and balances. You're better able to weather the storm when you're well grounded.

That's what The Profitable Manufacturer Class is about. The class features:

  • 1. Time-Tested methods to optimize costing for profitability.
  • 2. Secrets to maximizing machine and Labour capacity.
  • 3. Keys to effective product distribution and Brand visibility
  • 4. And more...

"We didn't want to go home!"

It was a highly educative, and interactive class (think we didn’t want to go home at the end, we just wanted to hear more from Bola 😂) loaded with step by step manufacturing guidance from sourcing of raw materials, machinery, staffing, maximizing production hours and production capacity. It was an eye opener. It’s one thing to manufacture products and another thing to be a profitable manufacturer.

- Zuwaira (Amal Botanicals)

Still in the early days of your business? Birthing your manufacturing idea can be overwhelming but you will sail through with the right knowledge and guidance. Running a profitable manufacturing business requires your commitment, tenacity, courage and undiluted attention. Most importantly, it demands consistency and your ability to stay in the game for the long haul. My primary goal is to empower you with the right knowledge to run your own manufacturing business profitably such that the business can outlive you.

"TPM is for anyone who desires to be profitable"

This is the best investment I made before starting my business. I learnt about maximizing my production capacity, product costing, distribution and the different tricks to play in the market to secure good sales. The challenges I face now are the challenges that Bola told us we will face and I’m glad she armed us with the necessary tool to handle all these challenges. I recommend this class to anyone who desires to be profitable. I am doing it the profitable way, thank you Bola! You rock!

- Elvina Obida (Njoy Foods)

Ready for Profits?

You have invested so much in your facility, machines, recruiting staff and so on, but the difference between throwing money away and making returns on your investments is knowledge, good advice and guidance. This is the missing link for most manufacturers. TPM Live is not about theories you can't apply. It's loaded with practical strategies, real-life case studies and industry hacks curated from collective 50+ years of entrepreneurship.

"Worth every Dime"

Permit me to specially appreciate you for what you are doing. The live class today was very rewarding and I enjoin you to keep it up! For me it has made your online course which I hold very dear to my heart even more appreciated. I pray that the good Lord will uphold you. Thank you so so much, the course is worth every dime!

- Dr. Francis Allanah (Polymer Industries)

Your price is lower than that of your competitors and you're still not selling, sometimes your quality is at par or even better, your package even looks more captivating, your sales team are putting in all the effort but still the market is not responding. Higher sales targets is not the answer. Something is missing. Register for TPM Live today

"Output increased by more than 100%"

I started implementing all I learnt from the Class almost immediately. 'Had a heart to heart discussion with my production team and redesigned our production processes. Today, we have increased our daily output by more than 100% without adding extra equipment and increased efficiency by reducing waste in energy and time. This course was a good investment. We are more profitable. Our neighboring competitors are wondering what could be our source of information.

- Nzube Ezeji (Maximum Royalty)


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"I couldn't get tired, even at 60+ years"

I got more value than the money I paid. At my age of over 60 years, I sat down for 10 hours without getting tired?? This class was everything and more. Thank you Bola

- Micah Ndackson